Ventilated facades

One way to make the appearance of the building is a noble device of ventilated facades. This type of lining has long been used in Western Europe, and appeared about 15 years ago in Russia and managed to gain a lot of popularity. Ventilated facades can be seen in Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Grozny, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Makhachkala, Arkhangelsk, Vladivostok, Stavropol and in many other cities of our country. Most often it is used when facing public buildings: business centers and administrative buildings, but also in many traditional brick houses gives way to beautiful and stylish ventilated facades.

Ventilated facade: Technology

So, what is hinged Ventfasad? This construction consisting of mounting facade system made of galvanized steel or aluminum (stainless steel is used, too, but rarely because of cost), insulation and cladding material. The facade system, in turn, consists of a bracket, and the guide fastener (klyaymerov, ikley, slide, etc.). Brackets are fastened to the wall (or metal, and sometimes – to the floor slabs), then installed insulation, then – the horizontal and / or vertical guides, which are fixed lining (eg, ceramic, aluminum composite panels, fiber cement slab, steel sheet). Bracket length is selected in such a way as to leave an air gap between the insulation and cladding. In a ventilated facade technology, this gap is essential, as it provides a constant ventilation, with which the walls with insulation and moisture is removed. Therefore, the life of ventilated facades is substantially increased. In addition, an effect of air curtains saves a lot of heat.

Ventfasad of granite

One of the most frequently used materials for ventfasadov is granite. Very often it is used for lining the lower floors of buildings. Fixing granite façade to the system takes place via klyaymerov, which are usually painted in the color of the tiles to improve the appearance. As the substructure is most commonly used galvanized facade system (eg, system Primet), and tile size (usually) – 600×600 mm.

Ventfasada of aluminum composite panels

Aluminum composite panels as cladding facades of buildings are also very popular. The company carrying out the installation does ventfasada composite sheet cassette desired size, which are attached to the substructure. This type of ventilated facades also allows the use of a heater. The most common aluminum composite panels used in the construction of modern shopping and business centers.

Advantages of ventilated facades

This type of lining has a number of undoubted advantages, differentiating it from others. The advantages of hinged ventfasadov include: Long life: it is up to 40-50 years. In contrast, for example, plaster facade, which is showered in 2-5 years. Low-cost maintenance: hinged ventilated facade just renovate (simply replace the desired cassette or stoneware tiles) and it is easy to clean. Teplosberezheniya: external wall insulation leads to a significant reduction of heat loss. Ease of installation: the installation of ventilated facades is made in any weather all year round (except in extreme cold), and the work is done quickly enough. Protection of building walls: use ventfasadov walls provides maximum protection from rain and possible aggressive action of the external environment, which leads to corrosion and destruction of bearing structures of the building. Increased insulation: ventilated facade cladding and insulation have sound-absorbing properties, which reduces external noise level inside the building. The beauty of the facade, and a variety of architectural solutions: application of ventilated facades to hide the flaws and irregularities of the outer walls. This occurs due to the use of different lengths of brackets (for example, the facade system offers PRIMET brackets from 50 to 300 mm). Different types of lining and variety of their colors enable architects to realize the most courageous decisions. For more information about the hinged ventilated facades you can get from our specialists.

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