Small perforated

Small perforated

Small perforated описание

Profile of perforated angle (PRP) during plastering protects the corners of various mechanical damage and provides them with the correct geometry.



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Profile of perforated angle (PPU) – a perforated steel profiles, in the shape of the corner. In carrying out plastering Perforated corners perform an important function of protecting the corners of various mechanical damage. Their use also contributes to improve the quality of finishes, providing the correct geometry in the corners 90 °.

perforated area used for effective protection of corners and bends drywall from mechanical damage, and performs an aesthetic role.

Corner profile acts as a strong reinforcement and fastening element and its physical and chemical properties, perfect for repair and decoration, as well as to ensure the correct geometry of the structure.

Before installing perforated profile wall plastered two separately by correctly exposed beacons. And you need to be plastered on the angle to the center of the wall. The profile itself after the plaster is set directly on the previously applied layer of material – so it provides a dense wall junction. Then, without waiting for the complete drying of the solution, it is necessary to align the angles of the level, after which the entire surface of plaster.

When choosing the angular profile attention should be taken to ensure the quality of the metal, because the low-quality angular profile at the slightest exertion will be deformed and, as a result, disrupt the immaculate appearance of the interior.

  • it allows you to create perfectly aligned corners;
  • round perforation in the profile of the shelves facilitates a firm grip with the surface by means of building mixtures;
  • right corner of the form provides a snug fit to the profile of the surface of the wall;
  • quick and easy installation without advance preparation.
Parameter Value
Thickness (mm) 0.30
Length (mm) 3000
size (mm) 20×20


Steel HDGI;

steel ОЦ 08пс 08кп; алюминий

In a pack of 150 linear meters, in the block – 12 000

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