Small front

Small front

Small front описание

Profile L-shaped, is attached to the supporting bracket is used as a horizontal rail façade system.



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Front profile horizontal main L-shaped form is one of the elements of the frame substructure. This type of profile is fixed to the bearing bracket and is used as a horizontal rail façade system. Front Desk is both equilateral and raznopolochnym, it is made of galvanized steel and can be painted with powder coating.

  • plated L-shaped horizontal profile cheaper analogues of other materials, without giving them at the same time functionality
  • ease of use
  • the possibility of installation in any weather
  • universality
  • life (50 years)
Thickness (mm)0.9-1.5
Length (mm)3000
Steel (mm)HDGI;

steel ОЦ 08пс 08кп

size (mm)40×40



Blocks 1200 linear meters

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