Suspension systems

The functions of the suspension systems can be attributed not only to align the ceiling surface defects, but also improving its appearance, sound and thermal insulation, as well as improving the luminance by effectively reflect light. Suspension systems give the ability to hide the wiring, heat and ventilation equipment, low-voltage and computer networks, the elements of fire extinguishing systems in the ceiling void, to build modular fixtures and you can create individual projects, both in terms of placement of communications, and in terms of interior design.

Suspended ceilings PRiMET

Company Yu-MET produces a profile of the most widespread in Russia as a decoration of office and industrial buildings, shopping and entertainment centers such as suspended ceiling system, Armstrong (Armstrong), which has already become one of the key elements in the creation of the modern interior office space. It allows you to create optimal acoustic conditions, the required level of illumination and significantly improve the look of any office. For suspended ceilings, you can easily hide any communication, and their fittings easily install lighting elements and ventilation systems.

Consist standard Armstrong ceiling tiles from the ceiling (Cassette 600×600 mm) and rigid frame suspension system. The choice of false ceilings of this type is quite wide, which allows to solve a number of problems of functional spaces of different sizes, from small, in several squares and buildings to large rooms with large capacity of people.

Suspended ceiling system PRiMET is a skeleton of a self-assembled T-shaped profile, complete with corner moldings and suspensions in two versions: the standard model and the premium model with a face width of 24mm. Available harnesses brand PRiMET ™ and components on modern equipment and meet European standards. It can be equipped with a mineral fiber plate and steel / aluminum cassettes.


  • unlike most manufacturers, we produce galvanized steel suspension system, instead of tin, which ensures durability and the ability to vary the decorative solutions;
  • simple design pendant PRiMET™ system allows you to quickly and easily carry out installation;
  • convenience and ease of use: the ability at any time to have access to the hidden communications;
  • if necessary, you can easily replace the individual plates in Armstrong ceiling system. For this it is necessary to get rid of a damaged plate and replace it with a new;
  • fire safety.
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