Profile for drywall

Today it is difficult to repair is already present without the use of modern materials, the installation of which would not have served a lot of time, does not require a lot of effort and money. Drywall – a material that is often used for walls, ceilings, light lining the walls and niches in the premises for any purpose. The basis for its reliable mounting frame is assembled from light metal structures – profile. Profile for plasterboard structures – a lengthy construction of galvanized steel. Metal profiles of different forms, but rather the framework of which provide the basis for a reliable fastening of the drywall. Their advantages are, corrosion resistance, strength, rigidity, lightness and a wide range of thickness, which allows the use of different profiles for the weight of the sheets. The use of metal profiles for mounting drywall constructions allows to implement the most daring design decisions.

When selecting a profile is important to pay attention to its quality. After all drywall – a heavy material and under the weight of the construction of low-quality profile may simply collapse. Only high-profile characterized by reliability, durability and high strength.

Ltd. “Yu-Met” produces profiles of different types, each of which has a special shape, characteristics and purpose. In addition, here you can buy a complete set of accessories (hangers, connectors, extension cables, rods) necessary for their installation.


  • All profiles of plasterboard and accessories brand PRiMET are made of stainless steel, and zinc plating provides corrosion protection: thanks to the galvanic pair “steel-zinc” solid oxide film formed in contact with atmospheric oxygen, metal;
  • the manufacturer guarantees the consistent quality of products, strict adherence to technology and standards compliance;
  • on a wide range of types and thicknesses (from 0.35 to 0.6mm), it can be used not only for the drywall, but also heavier gipsovolokonnyh sheets;
  • “Yu-Met” is ready to not only provide a profile for plasterboard / gypsum fiber in standard lengths (3m), but also to perform the individual order (from 2 to 6 meters).


Also, in addition to a profile for drywall, we are pleased to offer galvanized sheet, the price of which we are always acceptable, in Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar

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