Perforated profile

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Application of the plaster profile during finishing helps equalize the surface and hardening of the entire construction and perforation provides good traction with the surface being treated.

Profile perforated allows to achieve a perfectly flat surface of gypsum or cement mortar with a minimum of material consumption in the process of plastering walls (this is due to its other name – Profile of plaster). Almost all manufacturers of dry mixes involve the use of these profiles for high-quality finish.


  • the use of perforated profile recommended by the leading manufacturers of high-quality plaster; its use can significantly reduce the consumption of expensive blends to reduce the time of repair work and significantly improve their quality;
  • installation of plaster profile provides structural integrity and a perfect alignment of the plastered surface;
  • mounted in the wall of the profile forms termoshov that avoids the appearance of cracks when the temperature or humidity;
  • zinc coating provides protection against corrosion.
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