Price of ventilated facades

As a rule, the choice of ventilated facades price is essential, both for the customer and the contractor. Value for money should be the best, otherwise difficulties can not be avoided. You can, for example, use a high-responsible building cassette of thin flammable aluminum composite panels (G4 class, thickness of 3 * 0.3). Savings will considerable, but any inspection services responsible for fire safety, bring the mountain-builders of a strong headache.

Of what is a price of a ventilated facade? Where can you save money, but when it is not even worth trying?

Suspended ventilated facade consists of the following elements:

  • Lining;
  • Heater;
  • Subsystem for fixing facade.

The main types of facing ventfasadov are aluminum composite panels and granite (also used fiber cement plate and metallokassety, but much less). The composite is divided into combustible (class T4) and readily flammable (Class G1), the thickness ranges (mostly) from 3 to 5 mm. Before purchasing you need to clearly know the fire safety requirements of the building and to carry out the purchase of a suitable material. Some importance is coated panels: PVDF, which does not burn, but more expensive and PE. At the same time pay attention to the color: dull solid colors do not fade, and in this case it is possible to save money by using PE. Porcelain is matt and polished. First cheaper. In addition, a great influence on the price of a manufacturer. For example, the Italian tile in most cases, several times more expensive than Chinese. Also, the average cost of 1 square meter facade depends on the number and location of windows: often have to make a lot of cuts granite, which leads to higher prices because of the increase in waste and rework.

Insulation, of course, must be non-flammable. Its thickness affects both the cost of the heater, and the price of the front system, since it depends on the length of the brackets.

Substructure is ventilated facades aluminum and galvanized. The first is more resistant to corrosion and can be used at a high altitude. Galvanized subsystem has another clear advantage: it is several times cheaper. Typically, sub-structure type is determined by designers and, if available, galvanized, we recommend PRIMET facade system, high quality and good price.

Finally, one of the main factors affecting the cost of ventilated facades, is the amount requested by the installer for its installation. It is very important to bargain, because contractors can make a substantial discount on the installation, but it is better to use the services of the company, which has extensive experience in this field and is able to show concrete examples of work performed by it.

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