LED lamp

LED lamp

LED lamp описание

A series of recessed LED luminaires office. Fully compatible with Armstrong suspended ceiling type systems.

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In this type of lamp as a light source is used a large number of low-power LEDs, the apportionment for the lamp area, which makes it, in contrast to standard raster and opal lamps with fluorescent lamps, comfortable flat soft light. Built-in models other than the luminous flux without blinding effect is characterized by significant energy savings, light stability performance, easy installation and long service life without the need for maintenance.

  • maximum energy savings (2-2.5 times compared with lamps, where traditional fluorescent lamps are used);
  • the ability to control lighting (dimming) and the use of various energy-saving modes;
  • wide operating voltage range (important for Russia);
  • complete absence of pulsation (stroboscopic effect);
  • high degree of protection against dust and water (IP65);
  • conformity of products to the highest quality requirements and lighting characteristics;
  • stylish and presentable design;
  • extended warranty -36 months.
Parameter Value
Luminous flux, lm, not less 3400 – 5300*
Power Lamp 32 W
Total power consumption, W 37
Version IP65
Nominal voltage ~180-250 VAC
Rated current, A 0,18
The temperature of the emitted light, K 4000-5000
Beam angle 120˚


*data of luminous flux given in view of optical design lamp

Packed one in a box of thick cardboard.

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