Galvanized clamps

Galvanized clamps

Galvanized clamps описание

Designed for attaching to the granite façade system. There are two types: basic or starter. Has 4 capture legs, which provide reliable, secure the liner.



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Clamps designed for fixing porcelain tiles to the façade system. They are of two types: basic and starting. Galvanized clamps core (sometimes called ordinary) fixes four porcelain stoneware slabs on the facade, has four gripping legs that provide reliable fastening of the lining. Start capping used less frequently than the basic, but they are a necessary part of the substructure of ventilated facades. Capping starter (having the name of “finishing”) is used to ventfasada edges. It guarantees fixation of the two facing plates with 2 capture paws. Paws capping located on the outside ventfasada and for giving the building aesthetic appearance of the element façade system is painted with powder paint in the color of granite.

  • excellent quality galvanized capping at a low cost.
  • high reliability porcelain fixation.
  • long service life (up to 50 years).
  • installation convenience.
Parameter Value
Thickness (mm) 1.0-1.2
Steel (mm) HDGI; steel ОЦ 08пс 08кп
size (mm) 76х70.0х10 76×37.5×10

300 pieces or 600 (depending on size) in corrugated packaging.

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