Frequently Asked Questions – Ventilated facades



Substructure can be used facing materials What will PRiMET?

Galvanized PRiMET subsystem is used for cladding the building with granite, mineritom, steel facade cassettes, fiber-cement plates, steel sheets, siding. It is also possible to use our substructure for installation of aluminum composite panels. It is desirable to use a colored version of the subsystem to avoid the formation of galvanic couples. “Yu-Met” LLC carries out color powder paint their own factory.

What are the advantages of ventilated facades before plaster?

Main advantages:

  • service life (50 years for ventilated facade against 2-5 years for plaster); Installation of ventilated facades is made much faster than plaster; protection of walls from the adverse effects of rain, snow, etc., since the air gap provides them with ventilation, while itself facing (granite tiles, panels, siding, etc.) are not afraid of water;
  • ventilated facade can be cleaned or washed, which allows him to always have a perfect appearance;
  • the facade of beauty and the opportunity to give it a refined architectural form of the building lined with granite, aluminum composite panels, modern look, that’s why these materials are used in the construction of most of the business and shopping centers.

How to determine the appropriate length of the bracket?

The size of the relegation bracket equal to the thickness and width of the gap insulation of ventilated facade (usually – 50-60 mm). Furthermore, in determining the arm length must take into account the degree of unevenness of wall.

What is the advantage façade system made of galvanized steel to aluminum?

Main advantages:

  • the cost of galvanized brackets, profiles, fasteners significantly lower than the price of aluminum;
  • large fire resistance (steel melts at 1450 degrees, aluminum – at 660) while at a fire temperature may reach 900 degrees;
  • galvanized subsystem safer, maybe. the load is distributed to all the brackets (in aluminum brackets are divided into the bearing and the bearing, the latter are only wind loads);
  • galvanized subsystem is much easier to install, virtually eliminating the possibility of errors, as opposed to complex aluminum substructures for quality installation which multipage albums technical solutions need long to learn.

Is it possible to use elements of the facade subsystem PRiMET mounting substructure of vertical or horizontal type?

Yeah, maybe. Typically, vertical type system is used when installing metal siding, profiled sheet, collinear panels and granite (at low altitude). Horizontal option is available when installing the collinear panels and trapezoidal sheet. It is used much less frequently, because the load on the profile higher than when installing a vertical type of subsystem. Cross-version of the most reliable (although it is the most expensive), its applicability to all types of lining.

How to avoid corrosion when in contact subsystem elements of galvanized steel and aluminum composite panels (the effect of galvanic couple)?

Painting subsystem elements galvanized powder paint and the use of stainless steel fasteners solve this problem. We produce color profiles and brackets in your own shop powder coating.

The reinforced bracket different from the usual?

Amplified bracket has a greater width and height of the adjoining wall part (which allows it to withstand a greater load) and tongue for fixing the horizontal profile that facilitates the process of fixing and mounting speed accelerating subsystem.

The installation of ventilated facades made any time of the year?

Ventfasadov mounting technology allows it at any time of year and in any weather at temperatures below -25 degrees, unlike plaster facades, which device is only possible at a positive temperature.

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