Direct suspension

Direct suspension

Direct suspension описание

Direct suspension is an element that is used for mounting (suspension) ceiling profile to the supporting structure. For reinforced concrete ceiling mounted anchoring element, the wall – fired pins.



Direct suspension характеристики

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Hanger straight line – a construction made of galvanized steel strips, which have a thickness of 0.55 to 0.9 mm. This element is used for mounting (suspension ceiling tile) ceiling profile to its base (the construction). The suspension is attached to the reinforced concrete ceiling with anchor elements, and to the wall – plug-nails. Then, to the suspension profile ceiling mounted using self-tapping screws.

Hanger straight is available in two sizes: short with dimensions 275 x 27 x 3 mm long – 304 x 27 x 3 mm, the design load on it is up to 40 kg.

  • accessories from the brand PRiMET during installation provide the most rigid and secure mounting of steel sections and allow you to adjust their position in height;
  • direct suspension has an improved geometry that provides for additional projections for the more rigid and reliable fastening of the suspended metal ceiling.

Hanger straight PRiMET ™ can withstand heavy static loads. Therefore, it is used to create heavy and complicated designs of gypsum boards. The reliability and durability of the ceiling depends on the type of material used for covering the frame, on its density and weight. Accordingly, the heavier will be the material, the stronger and thicker should be metal, from which the suspension. And the metal thickness should not hinder its flexibility and elasticity. Therefore it is better to acquire high quality suspensions, since it is from this in the first place depends on the integrity and reliability of the future construction.

Parameter Value
Thickness (mm) 0.6-0.9
Length (mm) 275


steel HDGI;

steel ОЦ 08пс 08кп

size (mm) П16.60.27 – 275

П16.60.27 – 304

equipment СD 60×27
maximum load 40 kg

Packs of 100 pieces.

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