Clamps for galvanized porcelain from producer

Building-clamp is an element façade system is designed for fixing porcelain stoneware slabs for installation of ventilated facades. It represents a metal plate with gripping claws, the number of which depends on the type of capping. Made from galvanized or stainless steel. Clamps made of stainless steel is much less susceptible to corrosion, which is essential, for example, in the construction on the seashore. But galvanized version of the element façade system benefits significantly in price. Facing the granite facade gives the building a noble appearance, so not to spoil it, all capping, even stainless steel, painted in the color of porcelain stoneware slabs. “Yu-Met” Ltd. is a direct manufacturer of galvanized capping for porcelain tiles, as well as galvanized steel profiles (Hat and L-shaped), conventional and reinforced brackets, which together constitute the facade PRIMET system.

Capping the ordinary

Capping the ordinary, otherwise known as a major, it has four gripping legs (two of them turned up, and the two – down) and is designed to fix the plates between the rows. Each ordinary-clamp, thus enshrines the four corners of granite slabs. Our company produces their size 70x76x10 mm.

Capping start

Clamps, joining the tiles along the edges of the facade (including – around window openings) are the starting or trailing. They have two legs capture because only two fixed angles porcelain stoneware tiles. The size of their 76×37, 5×10 mm. Normally, the lining of ventilated facades granite start capping of galvanized steel are used in much smaller quantities than ordinary.

Price capping

Of course, capping the average price is always higher than the start. However, in addition to size, many other factors affect the cost of this element façade system. For example, the price of galvanized steel and subject to severe seasonal fluctuations. Or trading margin. “Yu-Met” Ltd. is a manufacturer of front capping, so is able to offer low prices. In addition, the color also significantly affects the price. Our company has its own powder coating shop, located directly at the factory, allowing both to provide rapid coloring in any color required by the Client, and significantly reduce costs. You can buy galvanized capping by contacting the “Yu-Met” by phone: 268-75-27; 8-928-121-62-29 or throwing off a request for

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