Bracket описание

Bracket ventfasadov – this is one of the main elements of facade systems; It assumes most of the load.



Bracket характеристики

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Bracket – one of the main elements of the façade system. They are attached to the wall and take up most of the load. The brackets have two stiffeners and an opening for mounting to the carrier substrate. The length of the working part, also called “crash” ranges from 50 to 250 mm, depending on the thickness and the degree of insulation wall roughness. If necessary, at the device of ventilated facades paronitovye established a special gasket between the bracket and galvanized bearing wall, which reduces heat loss.

  • durability and reliability of zinc facade brackets
  • low cost
  • ease of use
  • longevity of use (50 years)
Parameter Value
Thickness (mm) 2.0
Length (mm) А=50÷250 В=50÷80
Steel HDGI; steel ОЦ 08пс 08кп
size (mm) Ах50хВ

By 40-80 units (depending on size) in corrugated packaging.

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